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The boyfriend of Alana Thompson — AKA Honey Boo Boo — has been arrested for DUI … following a police chase with Alana riding in the same vehicle.

21-year-old Dralin Carswell was cuffed Tuesday in Monroe County, according to police … who says 17-year-old Alana was in the car with Dralin when the tags on his Dodge Charger were run by police, which showed the owner of the vehicle had outstanding warrants.

Monroe County Lt. John Thompson says an officer then attempted to do a traffic stop on Dralin, but instead was led on a chase that went about 3 miles — ending in a pit maneuver, spinning the car out.

Mama June Disapproves of Daughter Alana's Weight-Loss Procedure

Mama June Disapproves of Daughter Alana's Weight-Loss Procedure

Officers say they found marijuana and Dralin was arrested for DUI and fleeing from cops, as well as outstanding warrants out of Wilkinson County. Another passenger, Julian Malik Divon Williams, was also arrested for outstanding warrants.

Alana reportedly wasn’t taken into custody, and was later picked up by her sister, Pumpkin.

As we reported, Alana and Dralin were going to have a weight-loss procedure together last year … something Mama June told us she didn’t approve of.

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