Turbulence wasn’t the only thing causing an extreme commotion on a flight from Manchester to Amsterdam … a massive brawl erupted among passengers.

A KLM flight from Manchester to Amsterdam Thursday was the site of a wild scene, with a bunch of passengers pummeling each other. One guy is unloading on a fellow passenger with unrelenting punches.

It got so bad the pilot had to call ahead so cops could meet the plane when it landed.

You hear some passengers screaming at the aggressive travelers, trying to get them to stop …. but to no avail. Eventually, the flight crew was able to break it up.

It’s unclear what caused the fight, but the passenger who posted the video said tension was “brewing the whole flight” after someone allegedly made a racist comment.

The Netherlands police tell TMZ … once the plane landed in Amsterdam, officers came on board and arrested 6 passengers, all from England.

Police referred the matter to prosecutors for possible charges.

Whatever happened to jolly ol’ England?

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