A TikTok influencer has claimed Love Island's Will Young of "ghosting" her after she flew thousands of miles to see him.

Laura, who goes by @lpatoutie on the video sharing app, has said that the fan-favourite islander may not be all he seems, after he allegedly led her on for months before ghosting her.

Laura, who is from California but regularly visits London to see family, told viewers: "So in 2021 peak Covid, I saw Will on TikTok and I thought he was adorable, so I slid into his DMs on Instagram and thought he wouldn't respond but he did.

"After a bit of banter I told him I go to London quite a lot to see family and it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility to see him in the future."

She claims: "So when I was in London that summer, we made plans to get drinks and we were going to hang out. Immediately it was like were were a couple, he was spinning and twirling me around and saying I was beautiful.

"He was saying that there was a connection even though we had just met. We rendezvoused back to where he was staying – but before I left to go back to my place, he called me an Uber home and said he really wanted to see me tomorrow and after the game and we can hang out.

"So idiot me cancelled my plans for the next day and I thought we were going to hang out but we never showed up. I called him and he wasn't answering and finally he was like 'I left my passport at the pub, sorry, lets reschedule'."

Laura then says that while she and Will continued to message, and he would repeatedly plan to meet up, he would always flake last minute, or not confirm when or where they pair should meet.

After leaving London and going to visit Scotland, Laura claims she was inundated with messages from Will begging her to come back to London before she flew back to the States. However, when she did this he once again flaked and stopped responding to messages. Recalling this Laura said she felt "so used and embarrassed."

She explained: "I get to London without my family and he takes forever to respond, after I spent an entire week sitting in my room being depressed, he finally said he couldn't and said some excuse.

"Cue the waterworks…I felt so used and embarrassed, but they always come back ladies and Will is no exception."

The comment section of her video quickly filled with people defending Will and claiming Lana was villainising him. Responding to these claims in second video, Laura explained that this wasn't a case of typical ghosting arguing that "he was the one driving and initiating those plans."

She continued: "He was going to a music festival with friends and asked if I'd be down to go if he got me a taxi – he denied standing me up but I asked him for the details and he was drunk and didn't end up answering.

"He flaked multiple times and on top of that begged me to come to the farm and stay with him. I don't know who does that if they want to ghost."

When she was next in the UK, Laura claims that Will began replying to her Instagram Stories asking to meet up again, but when she agreed to go for a drink he stopped responding to messages, despite still watching her Stories. And the next year he sent a Snapchat simply saying "miss you" however, having grown wise to his antics, Laura refused to even consider meeting up with him

Commenters on Laura's videos remarked that she bears something of a resemblance to Jessie, with whom Will is currently coupled up with on the popular ITV2 show.

Others argued that Laura should be on of these year's Casa Amor girls, so she can confront Will over his treatment of her.

OK! has contacted ITV for comment.


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