Kanye West has brought his faith to life with his 'Sunday Service' and it's so popular 50,000 people came to be a part of it at Coachella Festival.

While Kanye the rapper has had a tough time recently, with his alignment to President Donald Trump being too much for many of his fans, the Sunday Service seems to be his chance for redemption.

What started as a gospel choir that was gradually celebrated by the cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, has now become a national phenomenon.

And half of those attending Coachella on Easter Sunday found themselves at the foot of Kanye's man-made hill.

Atop were the 41-year-old rapper, along with his gospel choir and for two hours they sang praise to their faith as well as some Kanye classics.

But what's it all about and why is it so popular, even when Pitchfork described it as a "sacrilegious mess".

It all started as a kind of religious gathering being held at Kim and Kanye's Calabasas home.

The weekly event is being documented more and more on his wife, Kim Kardashian's social media, with the reality star bringing the colour coordinated gospel event to millions.

It has attracted celebs galore with Courtney Love, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom being regulars, alongside the Kardashian clan.

Kanye has tried to not bill it as a religious ceremony but more as a spiritual event, as he wanted it to be 'inclusive'.

Though he doesn't want it that inclusive as it is generally invitation only and all those that attend have to sign to say they will not share what happens at the Sunday Service with anyone outside the event.

It also hasn't gone down too well with those that have been neighbours to the service, whether at the Kardashian-West home, at Burbank or Adidas headquarters, with Variety reporting that the police have been called on a number of occasions due to the noise levels.

No matter where they go though, this is Kanye's love and he is bankrolling the whole project, paying for the entire choir to be flown to wherever they need to be on his own chartered plane.

Coachella was treated to an A-list frenzy, with Chance the Rapper, DMX and Teyana Taylor being the talk of the show and it is widely believed that Kanye is heading towards a spiritually infused album, featuring all those that have become one of of his Sunday Service.

Don't worry if you feel left out though as you can snap up some 'Chruch Clothes' merchandise, with socks selling for $50 (£38) and sweatshirts emblazoned with 'Trust God' and 'Jesus Walks' offered from $165 (£127) to $225 (£173).

Best to dig deep.

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