Oh HELLO, Arm Tattoo!

Let’s just cut to the chase here, people: Dua Lipa’s dad, Dukagjin, is a total babe. This under-the-radar fact became a well-known one during the 2019 Brit Awards, where he had a brief though impactful onscreen moment that sent viewers into a full-on swoon fest over his smoldering good looks.

So who exactly is Dukagjin Lipa? Originally from Kosovo, he used to be a singer and is one of the reasons Dua took an interest in music. Nowadays, he heads up Republika Communications Agency, organizes an international music festival called Sunny Hill Festival (headlined by Dua in 2018, of course), and works with a charity organization called Sunny Hill Foundation. When Dukagjin’s not busy with his various work-related duties, he’s likely sharing photos of Dua on his Instagram like the proud, supportive father he is. We stan a cheerleader dad!

Of course, we don’t expect you to immediately hop on the Dukagjin bandwagon without seeing some hard evidence of his attractiveness first, so we tracked down some of his most attractive photos. Check ’em all out ahead for your daily dose of hotness.

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