Jameela Jamil has joined a host of other female celebrities to blast a bizarre new product designed to make women 'taste better'.

My Sweet V tablets, which are being sold for £24 a jar online, claim to make a woman's private parts sweeter, as well as boosting their sex drives.

Influencer GirlsThinkI'mFunny posted a picture of herself in her bra and knickers to promote the product, telling her followers they should "always taste better than the next chick".

The shocking product has since gone viral as Jameela, 33, and other stars like Corrie's Nicola Thorp have been slamming the company for releasing the tablets.

Nicola, 30, posted: "Now they’re 'influencing' us to take pills to make us taste 'sweeter'.

"'You should always taste better than the next chick'?!?!?"

Jameela retweeted Nicola's post, arguing that the beauty industry must think women are "dumb" if they think women will want the tablets.

She said: "This is how dumb corporations and companies think women are. Would they ever sell gummies to men to make their sperm sweeter?

"This is pretty offensive/Absurd/Unnecessary.

"Do you see the pattern of making us self conscious, then selling us a 'cure' for the problem they invented?"

Jameela has frequently hit out at products exclusively sold to women that encourage them to change their appearances.

She claimed the Kardashians' pockets are "lined with the blood and diarrhea of teenage girls" thanks to their continuous sponsored Instagram posts promoting detox products.

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