Jeffree Star has set the social media world afire once again — and it all has to do with his super-checkered past on social issues AND a new mystery man!

On Saturday, the makeup guru posted a pic to his Instagram account, showing himself — rocking pink hair and decked out in Louis Vuitton gear, of course — straddling a muscular, tattooed, unidentified Black man. And though the mystery man’s face wasn’t visible in the pic, astute social media users connected the dots on the tattoos pretty quickly — while others pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of Star dating a Black man considering his controversial past regarding repeated accusations of racism.

Here we go…

“Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year,” Star wrote in the caption of the pic in question, on which he’d turned off the comments but which had over one **million** likes by Monday afternoon (below):

OK then! Who is this new man?!

Like we noted, eagle-eyed social media users uncovered a pro basketball player with identical tattoos in identical places on his arms, seemingly outing the man in question. Star has yet to publicly confirm the man’s name — and he hasn’t posted as far as we can tell, so neither will we.

Of course, the 34-year-old makeup guru and YouTube superstar previously split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January of this year, remarking he was “devastated” over the breakup. Recently, Star had also been linked to Big Brother alum Jozea Flores, even documenting their first date in a June video on his social media channel.

Now, though, this new man is apparently front-and-center in Star’s life — and the makeup expert is both holding fans at arm’s length with it, and trolling them online, all simultaneously!

Several hours ago, Star posted this message to Twitter, seemingly requesting privacy for his love life:

Um, isn’t he the one teasing it out on social media?

…and yet two hours later, Star then followed it up with a selfie:

Doing fine, thanks!

What’s particularly interesting to us isn’t the man’s identity — do you, y’all! — but the fact that Star is apparently now romantically involved with a Black man after going through some significant racially-related controversies earlier this year and throughout his long, public-facing career. (And that’s, uh, putting it mildly.)

Twitter users were less than impressed that Star appears to now be dating a Black man after all that, too! The makeup mogul trended on the social network for much of Monday afternoon, with users drumming up significant backlash to today’s apparent romance news.

Here’s just a small sampling of what tweeters have to say about Jeffree’s new love connection:

“Jeffree Star got outed as a racist then immediately started cosplaying Lil’ Kim and dating black ball-players I have to laugh”

“Imagine deciding to date a man openly and out of all the gays you choose JEFFREE STAR, a racist that looks like Lord Voldemort when the makeup comes off.”

“But tbh? What’s being lost in Jeffree Star’s latest stunt is the possibility that he just unwittingly outed someone, just to do that whole ‘See?! I love Black d**k so I can’t be racist!’ thing that a LOT of racist WhiteGayze™ love to do.”

“Jeffree Star the infamous racist now conveniently having a black boyfriend now that he’s being cancelled for his racism. Are your palettes not selling bb?”

“Listen it’s 2020 , have sex with whoever you want as long as it’s consensual and legal , but don’t have sex with Jeffree star”

Yikes!!! Those people didn’t hold back at ALL!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Do U see Star’s new relationship in this same way, ironic considering some of his more controversial past incident??

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