Aww, don’t cry Jenna! The ‘World Of Dance’ host revealed that she ‘cries all the time.’ Was she talking about her recent split from husband of nine years Channing Tatum?! 

Jenna Dewan got incredibly candid on The Late Late Show last night with James Corden, opening up about her emotional personality. While she admitted that she “cries a lot,” Jenna wasn’t talking about her recent split from ex Channing Tatum! The 37-year-old was referring to her World of Dance hosting duties, revealing which of the four cast members shed the most tears during the stunning performances. “I cry all the time, I cry a lot, spoiler alert, in life I’m a big emotional person,” she laughed, while sitting on the the couch with James and Mandy Moore. Ironically, Mandy and Jenna have known each other for more than 20 years, first meeting on the set of one of Mandy’s music videos!

“If everyone caught their tears, there would be no more drought,” James quipped after Jenna swore she cried even more than World of Dance judge Jennifer Lopez. Between the tears we all shed during This Is Us and the NBC fan-favorite dance competition, he’s probably right. Later in the show, James surprised Jenna in a car ride with Thomas John, the cab-driving mystic of the CBS show Seatbelt Psychic. During Jenna’s reading, Thomas made the one reference of the evening to her divorce from Channing, telling her there was a message he was suppose to give her, from a ‘military man,’ which Jenna revealed to be her grandfather. “Soulmates in life take on many different forms, soulmates do not only have to be in a romantic context,” he said. “You can go for it in confidence, knowing that there is a lot of support for the decisions you are making.” Jenna cutely exclaimed, “This is the best surprise of my life!”

You can catch Jenna and her fellow World Of Dance cast members tomorrow for the second round of Duels, at 8 PM ET on NBC!

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