Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will NOT be denied — not when they’re looking like this on their way into a schmancy Bev Hills boardroom.

The power couple dressed to the nines Tuesday, reportedly for a business meeting. Go ahead … tell us who’s gonna reject whatever they’re pitching? We’ll wait.

J Lo’s never one for modesty — we all still remember the Super Bowl halftime show, right? She showed off those famous dancer’s legs in a mini-skirt and knee-high boots … while stepping out of their drop-top Bentley.

If this is the new business casual … go get that MBA, kids!

A-Rod’s no slouch … in his blue blazer, red tie and brown dress shoes, but even he knows his place when it comes to the couple’s fashion hierarchy. Bonus points though, Alex, for the stylish bag … bigger than J Lo’s!!!

Okay, so … who was saying no to them, again? Still waiting.

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