Kendall loves this country singer and doesn’t care who knows it — even his wife! After Chris Stapleton’s S.O. jokingly called her out, the model is talking about him AGAIN.

Remember when Kendall Jenner, 22, told country singer Chris Stapleton, 40, to call her and his wife Morgane responded? It’s happening all over again! In the second episode of Zaza World Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 with her friends, the model opened up to Jaden Smith, 20, and Harry Hudson, 25, about how much she loves the country singer. After calling him “a gorgeous human being,” Harry added that Kendall had admitted she would date him if he shaved his beard. “Beyond physically gorgeous,” she said. “He has an incredible stage presence and it’s just his music. You guys. I couldn’t handle it. I had chills the entire time. It was so beautiful. I’ve never danced so hard in my life. I got really excited, I spilled my rosé.”

She may be gushing about him now, but Kendall saw Chris in concert two weeks ago and kept fans updated on her Instagram story. “I love you Chris Stapleton,” she wrote on one post, adding to another, “Call me.” No one took her come-on seriously — she was dating NBA player Ben Simmons at the time and Chris has been happily married for over a decade — but his wife Morgane wrote the funniest response anyway! “When Kendall Jenner loves your husband and wants him to call her, but you also have strong love for said KarJenner.” LOL! We love their senses of humor.

So much that we’re hoping Morgane catches wind of Kendall’s latest comments about Chris. If she was able to wade through Kendall and Jaden’s discussions on her first runway gig and her love of Twilight, we’d love to see what kind of cheeky clapback Morgane’s got up her sleeve this time!

We just hope Anwar Hadid, 19, doesn’t mind Kendall’s interest in the “Tennessee Whiskey” singer. Gigi and Bella‘s younger bro was spotted making out with the model at NYFW, but last time she hit on Chris, her then-boyfriend was not a fan. “Ben did his best to laugh it off, even though it didn’t feel very good,” an NBA insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “It did sting a little when he saw her hitting up Chris, even if she was just joking around.”

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