After fans noticed that she had ‘wild’ hand size in the photo, the model/reality TV star’s BFF Hailey Bieber makes use of her Instagram account to clear the air.

AceShowbizKendall Jenner responded to allegations that she edited her recent bikini photo. After fans noticed that she had “wild” hand size in the photo, Kendall’s BFF Hailey Bieber (Hailey Baldwin) made use of her Instagram account to clear the air.

In Instagram Stories on Wednesday, February 15, the model shared footage of Kendall. “We’re sitting here analyzing…look how bizarre her hands looks normally,” she wrote alongside the video that zoomed in on Kendall’s long hands. The wife of Justin Bieber went on to note, “This is live. Live footage of the hand.”

The video also saw Kendall quipping while laughing, “It’s crazy. Hailey also stressed that “The Kardashians” star has always had “long a** hands and fingers.”

Earlier this week, Kendall was mocked for Photoshop fail after she posted on her Instagram account a picture of her rocking a bathing suit. In the snap, which was posted on Saturday, February 11, the reality star could be seen squatting in a thong bikini as her fingertips touched the ground.

Fans, however, thought that her hand proportions looked off and accused her of Photoshopping the picture. “Edits [went] wrong in the fourth pic,” one fan noted. Another thought the size of the 818 Tequilla founder’s hand was “sus” and “wild.” One of them even compared the proportions to an “AI hand.”

The hate aside, the 27-year-old beauty’s loved ones flooded the comments section with gushing remarks. “You are perfect,” mom Kris Jenner wrote underneath the post, which also included photos of her in a green bikini and an orange dress. Addison Rae also praised the reality TV star, writing, “My favorite post of yours ever.”

Kendall is no stranger to defending herself after being accused of digitally altering her pictures. Back in 2021, she shut down the Photoshop rumors that she Photoshopped a picture of her in red lingerie, claiming that she’s an “extremely lucky girl” who is “appreciative” of her body.

“But I want you to know I have bad days too and that I hear you!” she went to write. “You are beautiful just the way you are!!! It’s not always as perfect as it may seem.”

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