Kylie Jenner looked super sexy when she posed in a bathtub while wearing nothing but lingerie for an Instagram pic on July 31. She used the eye-catching snapshot to promote her new birthday makeup collection.

Kylie Jenner, 20, made her fans very happy on July 31 when she took to Instagram to announce her incredible new birthday collection from Kylie Cosmetics in a series of pics and videos. In one of those pics, the brunette beauty showed off her incredible bod while lounging in a bathtub and wearing a sexy black bra and stockings. Kylie was surrounded by balloons in the pic and held a party blower up to her mouth. She also wore a party tiara that read “Secret Location” across it hinting that she may want to keep the location for her upcoming birthday celebration on Aug. 10 private. “bday mood all month long 💙 … can’t wait for this special collection for @kyliecosmetics to launch on AUGUST 6TH. Thank you @brendanforbes for these bomb pics for all my packaging!,” Kylie captioned the colorful photo.

In addition to the now famous bathtub snapshot, Kylie posted a video of herself talking about her excitement for her new collection as well as her disbelief in turning 21 soon. The mom-of-one used a cute and colorful animal filter that gave her colorful ears and a black button nose in the vid and her lips looked very close to her natural thinner pout. She recently revealed that she stopped using lip filler and it seems like she’s sticking to the decision!

Kylie seems to be feeling more and more confident these days so it’s no surprise that she would choose to go all natural when introducing an entirely new collection of products. The collection is truly a tribute to Kylie’s successful 21 years and with her recent Forbes Magazine cover, which declares her as almost being the youngest self made billionaire, there’s no better time for her to embrace her life. Kylie’s Hello 21 makeup series will be released on Aug. 6.

It’s great to see another makeup collection from Kylie! Each one is always full of fun themes and this one is no different!

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