Lady Gaga reveals preparation for House Of Gucci leading role

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Lady Gaga had pitched the sex scenes with Salma Hayek to director Ridley Scott, who has also worked on movies including The Last Duel, and he initially agreed to the idea. However, they were then removed, leaving the Just Dance legend to exclaim: “There’s a whole side of this film that you did not see.”

House of Gucci was released last year as a biographical crime drama about the dark side of the much-loved high fashion house.

The plot was originally based on the contents of Sara Gay Forden’s 2001 book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed.

It was an instant hit, grossing over $154 million at the box office and receiving a whole host of award nominations.

However Gaga wasn’t best pleased that the scenes she’d specifically asked for were removed in the final stages of creating the movie.

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“There’s a whole side of this film that you did not see, where Pina [Hayek] and I developed a sexual relationship,” she lamented.

“Director’s cut, who knows. This is a testament to [Ridley Scott] as a director because he allowed us to go there.”

She continued: “I remember being on set with Salma and going, ‘So after Maurizio dies, maybe it gets hot?’”

Gaga is accustomed to incorporating vengeful murder scenes into her art, with the 2009 music video for ‘Paparazzi’ ending with her picking up the phone and announcing in a gravelly tone: “I think I just killed my boyfriend.”

She has also admitted to being a fan of “shock art” in performance generally.

However Salma, whose billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault is the CEO of Gucci under his brand Kering, initially sounded confused.

“She was like, ‘What are you talking about?’” Gaga continued in her interview with Variety.

“You think she’s kidding?” Salma chimed in, confirming that the pair ultimately had a “delicious relationship” onscreen but that moviegoers “didn’t get to see all of the scenes”.

During the movie, the pair arranged for hitmen to kill rival Maurizio, who is played by Adam Driver.

It was apparently after the phone call informing them the assassination attempt had been successful that things between Gaga (Patrizia) and Salma (Pina) heated up.

Gaga was also interested in exploring the psychology of her character and whether she was a born killer, or had instead been triggered by trauma.

On the Jimmy Kimmel live show, she told the world about kissing Salma, but added: “I’m like that really annoying kid in school that’s like bragging that they made out with the popular girl but has no proof!

“I’m gonna have to, like, break into Ridley’s stuff [to get the footage],” she joked.

Salma meanwhile said that she loved working with Gaga, as she had been the “ultimate professional”.

Gaga has since been touring the USA but was forced to call one Florida show to a halt last week after lightning repetitively struck at the venue, making it too dangerous to continue.

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