In the first week of 2021, Larissa Lima hinted at receiving some very good news at her immigration hearing.

Soon, she shared that she can stay in America, and is expressing her gratitude to her fans and to the American people.

But this dark cloud hanging over her head wasn’t there by accident.

She has spent the past two years in fear of her residency because of one man. Now, she is talking about it.

“On January 9th 2019, I ran for my life,” Larissa Lima wrote, referring to the harrowing end of her toxic marriage to Colt Johnson.

“I was cheated on,” she noted.

Colt had a cheating scandal just weeks earlier — and that was random internet side chicks, before things got serious with Vanessa Guerra.

“And stolen of the money I earned through my made-to- order cameos,” Larissa continued.

Famously, she was left with under $40 in her account, and had the screenshots to prove it.

Colt had her arrested, as he had done before, and made sure that she had nothing left hours later when she was bailed out.

“Having to ask for money,” Larissa recalled, “my coin purse never had enough money to buy a coffee.”

“I ran without my personal belongings,” she explained, referring to how she physically fled the house after hours of what she at the time referred to as torment.

These were personal belongings “that weeks before the incident was being hidden from me.”

Way back in January of 2019, we covered this — Larissa was missing her belongings. Additionally, Colt falsely reported her phone as stolen.

Larissa had to leave behind things “like clothes, make up, perfume, and important papers.”

“Yes, I’m sure it reads as silly for many that I was sad I left without my perfume,” she acknowledged.

“Well, its not silly where I came from,” Larissa countered.

“I earned that perfume that I could never have where I was born,” she explained.

What matters to people is always a personal thing. This was an accomplishment of hers, and it was stolen from her.

Colt had held the threat of deportation over Larissa’s head for some time.

“The plan to provoke me and have me deported failed,” she wrote, in reference to her recent good news on that front.

“Thank God for the mercy of the American people,” Larissa expressed, “and my amazing lawyer Adam.”

“Because of their encouragement, kindness, and hard work, I’m staying,” Larissa announced.

“To all of you that have shown me endless mercy, understanding, and kindness,” she addressed.

Larissa concluded: “I promise you that I will give you more reasons to believe in me.”

Larissa came to the US on good faith. We don’t have to understand why she fell in love with Colt Johnson, but that’s what happened.

She hadn’t signed up for cheating, manipulation, and sick mind games — things that we have seen play out with Jess Caroline.

Perhaps now that fans have seen Colt’s villainous side for themselves, more can understand where Larissa is coming from.

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