Laura Dern was on Ellen promoting Marriage Story and Little Women, both of which are out later this year. She’s prolific lately and that seems to be by design as her children are teenagers now and she must have more freedom. On Ellen she talked about the fact that she gained some cred with her kids when Kanye West wore a t-shirt with her face on it! She also discussed working with Meryl Streep and how cool it was for you that she got to introduce Meryl to her mom, actress Diane Ladd. (I didn’t excerpt that part, you can watch that here.)

On the popularity of her BLL character
It is odd to me in… playing a lot of interesting characters that it would be Renata that is in fact most relatable to many people. I’ve never had so many people come up and quote that line. They come up, often sort of screaming in my face ‘I will not not be rich!’ What I love about Renata is that she will say everything she feels and there is something delicious about getting to live that out.

On Kanye West wearing her Blue Velvet character on his shirt
That is amazing for a whole other reason. This is thanks to the amazing designer Raff Simmons who paid homage to David Lynch in his work. What he didn’t know is he gave me a tiny bit of cred in my household of teenagers and I’m really grateful. If any rapper comes on this show and you want to hand them a shirt with my face on it I really appreciate it. It’s really working for me. Every mother should get this opportunity when their kid is 15.

“It sounds horrible to have kids. What do you have to be to be a cool mom? You’re Laura Dern.”

On Marriage Story and playing a divorce attorney
There were a few inspiring divorce lawyers who were very generous and let us mine their experience and their business. It is a very fractured business. People can lose their kid’s college education very quickly instead of just trying to figure it out themselves.

[From the Ellen Show via YouTube]

I’ve heard from other celebrities that their kids are not impressed by their careers or success at all but that they like the fact that they know other celebrities and have clout with them. (I talked about it in this story about Gwen Stefani!) As the mother of a 15-year-old, I can relate to this so much. I mean I run a celebrity gossip blog! That should get me more points than it does. I know most of the memes and all the celebrity stories as they happen, but I’m still embarrassing. My kid does like to tell girls in his class what I do for a living, so I should take that as a compliment.

As for Laura’s comments about divorcing, this is so true. I saw so many friends pay more money to divorce lawyers than in settlements to exes. When I was going through a divorce I consulted a few lawyers trying to figure out how to approach it. After hearing a lot of legal horror stories, I decided to just wait it out until we were able to do it on our own and agree on everything. It took a lot of work but it didn’t cost a fortune and we’re still friendly. My ex told me recently that he brags to people how easy his divorce was!

Here’s that interview:

Laura was wearing Chanel at a MoMA film benefit last night. She looks a bit regal, right? (Kaiser girl I know you will disagree but I don’t care I like her!)

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