Lauren Harries has been told she “may never walk again”, as she shares a devastating health update with fans.

The Celebrity Big Brother star, 45, has been in hospital for four months following an emergency brain operation which resulted in the star receiving treatment in intensive care.

The TV star has been suffering from a spinal injury and has received several operations, as well as spending time in an induced coma.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared how she was told she may never walk again as she thanked her fans for support.

Lauren wrote: "I have been told today I may never walk again.

"I am still in shock what am I going to do love you my stars."

Lauren previously underwent surgery on her spine which turned out to be unsuccessful.

Last month, her family issued an update on Lauren’s health as they tweeted from her account: "We were informed yesterday that Lauren has a life threatening spinal tear. She is having emergency surgery today, the first of two operations.

"This has meant she is in constant pain and unable to walk it could also lead to more bleeding on the brain.

"She has been through so much in her 3 1/2 months in hospital, this is her 3rd operation," the update continued.

"She's strong but needs your love. We are praying that they are successful and hope you do the same."

Lauren's difficult few months began when she was rushed into hospital for emergency brain surgery back in April.

As well more emergency treatment in the aftermath of the operation, the TV star was later put into an induced coma after she began to suffer from seizures.

Lauren's mum said that her daughter just "wants to get home" as the family felt helpless over "why or how" her spinal issues materialised.

At the time, a tweet posted to Lauren’s official Twitter account read: “‘Lauren has had to have Spinal Surgery due to a split in her spine.

“This was very painful, It’s worrying as the spine is the most dangerous place to have an operation next to the brain.

“Unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful so drs are looking into other options.”

The tweet continued: “She’s been in hospital now for over 2.5 months. Her spine is concerning for doctors and she will be staying for longer.

“We don’t know why or how this happened. She just wants to get home.”

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