Katie Piper calls for tough sentences over acid attacks

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Katie Piper, 38, has called for harsher sentencing over acid attacks on Loose Women today. The star has been praised by viewers for recalling her own traumatic ordeal.

Your life will never be the same again.

Katie Piper

On today’s show, Katie returned to the Loose Women panel alongside Nadia Sawalha, Christine Lampard and Jane Moore.

The topic of conversation on the show was around the sentencing for acid attacks with Katie believing there should be tougher laws around this.

Katie said: “It’s not just something that’s just about beauty or the psychological effects.

“There’s the functional – my oesophagus – your life will never be the same again, in many different aspects.”

She added: “I do think the sentencing and the charges brought before the perpetrators need to reflect the severity of what the victim has to live with.

“I think, for me, it probably needs to be reclassified. It’s becoming a part of our modern culture and it’s very depressing to have to say that.”

Katie detailed how the threat of an attack is thrown around social media and that acid is becoming a weapon of choice because it carries a lesser charge.

She commented: “I do think the law needs to be updated with a reclassification so the sentencing can be increased.”

Katie believes she is “lucky” and very “grateful” to be where she is today and have the opportunities she has had.

She said that people she has met through the Katie Piper Foundation have unfortunately not been as lucky as her and have had to have increasing numbers of operations to heal.

Viewers watching Katie on Loose Women could not contain their praise for the star and took to Twitter to express it.

Dringt said: “@KatiePiper_ watching you on #LooseWomen what an inspirational woman.

“Your strength of character is remarkable.”

Steph_artnewbie said: “@loosewomen Can I just say Katie Piper is an inspiration and role model to all victims of domestic abuse.”

Erh_04 agreed with the call for harsher sentencing.

She said: “Attacking someone with Acid… life sentence them!! #LooseWomen.”

Katie was attacked by her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch and his accomplice 13 years ago in 2008.

The star has been very open about her many operations to reconstruct her body, with these still going on.

On Loose Women she discussed her recent rush to hospital for an emergency procedure on her oesophagus after choking on some food.

Katie is doing very well now, with the conversation leading on to discuss her attack.

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