Gabby Allen is living proof that you don’t always have to win Love Island to do well from the show.

The 26-year-old fitness guru, who starred in the 2017 series, where she coupled up with Marcel Somerville, has been working hard over the last few months and it’s starting to pay off as Gabby has revealed she’s landed a book deal and has a series of bootcamps penned in for the new year.

Speaking at the SpiceUp London exhibition, held at the Business Design Centre in London, Gabby told CelebsNow: ‘I’ve literally just got a book deal for a fitness book, which is going to be coming out just before Love Island next year.’

She’s keen to use the book to answer all her fans burning fitness questions which she is unable to respond to day-to-day.

Gabby, who is inundated with questions from fans, explained: ‘It’s hard to get back to everyone and I try to cover as much as I can on videos or Instagram stories but once you reply to one person you have to reply to everyone. So I think long-term that’s what my book is going to do, it will be something that I can attack all these questions without people having to ask me.’

But her projects don’t stop there, she continued: ‘I’m doing a bootcamp for the first couple of months of next year around the UK, so come to it, I’m probably going to do two cities a weekend – Liverpool or London there’s probably going to be more places and people.’

Gabby previously told us she was going to be the ‘new Joe Wicks’ and it looks like she’s heading in the right direction. The blonde beauty, who at the time had just launched her own Gabby x Quiz clothing collection, spilled: ‘I’m in talks to go back to some of the [fitness] studios I used to work at to do some workshops and for next year I’ve got talks about doing bootcamps – maybe I’m the new Joe Wicks!’

And fast-forward nine months and she’s got the plans into action.

But her life goals don’t stop there. Gabby said: ‘I’m going to be working on a retreat but I don’t know if I want to do it next year or the year after, I want to make sure everything’s perfect – I don’t want to rush into something and throw it together.’

In the meantime she continues to work with Fiit – a new fitness app.

Gabby explained: ‘I’m working with Fiit at the moment, which is a new app, it’s going to take over the world of fitness at the moment because it’s the quality of it compared to other apps, DVDs and some of the other classes you go to, the trainers and everything about it is just so good. It’s going to be worldwide soon and I’m really passionate about that.’


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