In a new interview, the 53-year-old comedienne also notes that there has been a ‘lack of representation’ for Asian American and queer women in the media.

AceShowbizMargaret Cho used to feel “invisible” as a bisexual woman. Explaining the “biggest discrimination” she had faced as a bisexual woman of Asian descent, the 53-year-old comedienne noted that it was the feeling of “invisibility.” She also claimed that there had been a “lack of representation” for her in the media.

“The biggest discrimination that I felt is really invisibility,” Margaret, who was previously married to Al Ridenour but split from him in 2015, shared. “The lack of representation and lack of leading by example, lack of seeing who’s out there that I can relate to in terms of being Asian American and a queer woman. There are so many things that society has not offered until now.”

However, the “Fire Island” star also went on to explain that Pride Month, which takes place across the month of June and encourages the world to support the gay community, needs to be more than an annual event in order to “protect” future generations of children.

She told E! News, “It’s not really just about one month of a year or one parade. I think that more than ever we have to celebrate ourselves and look to protecting our rights – whether that’s protecting trans kids, trans legislation or increasing our own visibility throughout the media. It’s really about making sure we maintain and advance our own rights and abilities to continue to exist and to thrive.

“You have a safe place to come out to. There is a world that is meant to be discovered and you’re not alone in your journey. So many people can help you and are very sincere in our effort to assist,” she continued.

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