Marnie Simpson shared on Wednesday that she is convinced Charlotte Crosby is having a girl.

The 30 year old made her predictions about her former Geordie Shore co-star as she answered fans on Instagram Stories who asked what she thought of Charlotte’s recent pregnancy news.

“So happy for her,” Marnie responded.

“She’s glowing and I know how happy she is, it’s so lush to see, I also can’t wait to meet baba. I’m 90% sure Charlotte will have a girl.”

Charlotte, 31, announced that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jake Ankers last month.

Meanwhile, Marnie is also currently pregnant with her second child shared with fiancé Casey Johnson, 27, after welcoming their son Rox in 2019.

In her exclusive OK! column, the expectant star spoke last month in more detail about her reaction to Charlotte’s pregnancy news, as she mentioned being “shocked” and “overwhelmed with happiness” that the star was becoming a mum.

“I’ve been waiting for one of the Geordie Shore girls to get pregnant for so long, and I honestly thought it would be Charlotte next,” Marnie said.

“I’m just overwhelmed with happiness for her. It was so nice."

Discussing her own pregnancy also on Instagram Stories, the reality star said she was “s****ing it” at the thought of parenting two young children, while also excited ahead of the second baby’s arrival, and revealed that this child would be her last.

Marnie and Casey revealed to OK! in February that they are expecting another baby boy, which they have planned to arrive via C-section after a traumatic natural first birth with son Rox.

Discussing the gender news, Marnie said: “The fact I’ve given him a brother makes me so happy. I would have loved a sister when I was younger, and I love thinking about how they’re going to be best friends forever.

“Rox is such a playful toddler. I think it will be great for him to have a younger sibling but close in age. They’ll hopefully be into the same things, want to play with the same toys, and they’ll probably have a lot in common with each other.”

When asked during her Instagram Q&A session on Wednesday what she would name her little girl if she’d had one this time, the pregnant star responded: “I loved the name Phoenix and we most likely would have went for that.

“I did even contemplate using it for our little boy.”

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