From rows on Ex on the Beach to Celebrity Big Brother and TOWIE, Megan McKenna has made quite a name for herself in reality TV.

But, when we’re met by the 25-year-old with a hug in a restaurant in London’s Chelsea, it’s clear these days she’s a far cry from her ‘Mental Megs’ reputation, and is now carving out a country singing career.

Once we begin chatting it feels like catching up with an old friend, as she reveals all about her autobiography Mouthy, her love of lip fillers and future plans with boyfriend ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis


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Megan, can tell us a bit about your new book, Mouthy?

It’s from the start of my life right up until now, I’ve been writing this since last year, so I’ve covered everything. I know people might be 
a bit like, ‘You’re only 25, how are you writing an autobiography about your life?’ But I swear to you now there’s so many stories, it was hard to even fit everything in. Even since 
I was an early teenager I was having dramas in my life.

We’ve seen a lot of your dramas unfold on TV, do you ever regret any of it?

I don’t regret anything. A lot of people are in this industry and they’re very protected, glossy, probably don’t show the real them. You know it’s all a bit of 
a shield, whereas with me I’ve been put on TV shows where you can’t have that. Obviously, I’m always going to have a bit of Mental Megs in me.

Would you return to TOWIE?

I don’t really want to have that aggravation, I want to move on with my life. I feel like if I went back on there it would be like taking two steps back. I don’t regret going on TOWIE – I 
think it was an amazing thing for me – but I couldn’t deal with waking up and having that nervous feeling in my belly 
of, ‘Oh my God, what’s going 
to happen today?’ And it does break friendships and relationships down.

Speaking of relationships, how are things going with 
you and Mike?

Amazing. It is lovely, I get on with his family, he gets on with mine, and it fits perfect, really.

Do you have any plans to settle down in the future?

I hope that the future will be us getting married one day, I really hope that happens. You know, 
I think we both feel the same way and, although we live in different houses, we basically stay with each other every night, so it’s like we live together. 
I suppose that’s a good sign that if we did move in together, we know it’s going to work. And he can cook, so that’s amazing.

You’ve been very open about the fact that you’ve had lip fillers. How does it feel when people criticise you for it?

I just think, ‘F**k it’. I like my lips, I like big lips and I don’t think I’ll ever change that. I only have lip filler and I think, ‘How is that bad?’ There are so many people who have all sorts done to their body. I just think why do people troll me for having my lips done when it makes me feel better about myself?

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I hope I’m going to be doing some big tour – it’s my dream to live on a tour bus. I want to be doing my gigs, and to have a couple of albums out of my music. And, hopefully, I’m going to be settled down and have a baby and be married. I’m nearly 26, and 
I do want that in my life. People probably don’t think that about me, and think, ‘Oh God no, she’s a nutter’ [giggles]. But I do want that as well.

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