Nessa Barrett has dropped her first body of work since her debut album!

The 20-year-old creator and singer released her second EP, hell is a teenage girl, on Friday (July 14), which was written to depict the eight stages of a breakup.

“welcome to hell is a teenage girl. i created this project to encapsulate what it feels like to be young & in love & have it all taken away from u in an instant. i hope u cry, scream, dance, all of the things to these songs like i do. love u so much,” she shared on Instagram of the EP.

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In addition to the EP, Nessa also released the music video for the title track.

“hell is a teenage girl video out now 🤍 so happy you love the ep as much as i do it means the world to me,” Nessa added.

Check out both the EP and the music video below…

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