The NFL is in a damned-if-it-does, damned-if-it-doesn’t situation regarding the appeal of Deshaun Watson‘s suspension … so says Andrew Brandt, who said on “TMZ Live” on Tuesday the league is now in a “really tricky” spot.

With Sue L. Robinson suspending the Cleveland Browns star six games on Monday following allegations the 26-year-old QB was sexually inappropriate with multiple female massage therapists, the NFL now has roughly one and a half more days to decide if it wants to appeal that ban.

Deshaun Watson Reportedly Met With 66 Women For Massages Over 17-Month Span

Most think the league should — six games, after all, feels awfully light when considering the nature, and number, of the accusations — but Brandt told Harvey and Charles appealing to make sure Watson serves a longer punishment is no slam dunk.

As for why — the famed business and legal analyst says the NFL might not want to undermine Robinson’s decision … seeing as the league will be working with the former judge on similar cases in the future.

“That may be why — along with changing the focus to back on the field — to say, ‘OK, we’re going to take the six games and run,'” Brandt said. “Even though the public opinion on the other side is that this is way too light.”

If the NFL does ultimately decide to appeal, Brandt said he expects Watson’s suspension to significantly lengthen.

“It’s going to be fascinating to see if they do [appeal] or not,” he said.

The league has until Wednesday to make a decision.

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