Marissa Da’Nae says she’s ‘having contractions’ and ‘tired’ following the social media drama as she accused the ‘Camelot’ rapper of chasing another woman while she’s pregnant with a baby he paid for.

AceShowbizMarissa Da’Nae‘s emotional rant against NLE Choppa has apparently taken its toll on her pregnancy. The Instagram model, who is currently expecting her first child with her rapper ex, said she’s in the hospital due to “having contractions.”

Marissa gave an update on her pregnancy via Twitter on Wednesday, April 19. “Currently in the hospital, having contractions,” she wrote. It’s not clear if it’s already her due date or not, but it seems that she is not in the best condition mentally right now as she added, “I’m tired mane.”

Marissa, who tearfully announced her split from NLE several months ago, slammed the Memphis native after he shot his shot with Meagan Good. “I really been trying to hold it down and keep it together. But I’m honestly just fed tf up,” Marissa posted on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, April 18. “You constantly trying to holla at folks, take folks on dates and etc but you have failed to show up for your child! That YOU PAID FOR ME TO HAVE! You think because you may pay a doctor bill or send a few dollars for certain s**t that changes the fact that you’re absent as f**k.”

The soon-to-be mother claimed, “I’ve seen you TWICE MY WHOLE PREGNANCY AND IM PAST HALF WAY Done!” In a separate post, she shared an ultrasound image of her unborn child and wrote, “Tell these folks why I’m really mad n***a! Cause you ain’t doing yo mf part but ready to be in the next woman’s face! Tell them folks why I really was crying, cause I was enjecting [sic] myself with five different medicines.”

“This wasn’t no accident n***a we did this s**t on purpose so you should PURPOSELY BE HERE!” she stressed, before claiming that she and the rapper “never broke up.” She said she “only said that to the public so y’all would stop sending s**t to me and nobody would be in his business anymore. It’s more to the story but I let him paint his picture.”

Marissa later seemed to regret airing out her frustration. In another Story, she admitted, “I been angry and was angry. I been doing great with handling my emotions, but I failed. At the end of the day, God Knows what’s up and what’s been going on and everybody gonna have to deal with they own s**t on they own time.”

She went on apologizing for going off on her ex, “I’m going back to putting my energy into my child and I apologize for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I let it run over onto the internet. This is my bed I made, that I gotta lay in. I been by myself, I’ll keep doing it by myself. But I’m very thankful and grateful for the miracle God has given me.”

“This has really been hard. It is what it is,” she explained. “I don’t care what picture people try to paint or what they say. I have someone who’s so beautiful and reminds me everyday that they need me. I don’t care if you understand, agree, disagree. I was speaking my truth out of hurt and anger but again I am sorry and I should of just kept it to myself.”

NLE has not responded to her rant and has not confirmed her claims about the pregnancy.

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