We cannot imagine how she must be feeling, and we are thanking our lucky stars for that right now.

Over the past couple years, Paulina Porizkova has become a must-follow on Instagram for her raw insight and often very bare body.

Photos: ‘Sexy Has No Expiration Date’ As Paulina Goes COMPLETELY NUDE

As those who follow her already know, the former supermodel and occasional America’s Next Top Model judge’s new lease on life is the result of an enormous personal tragedy.

In 2018, she and her husband of 28 years, The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, separated and began the process of divorcing. However, they seemed to have a sort of Scott-and-Kourtney thing going, not together but sort of always together?

Then in September 2019 they were divided forever when she walked in with his morning coffee to find he had passed away.

Insult then followed that immeasurable injury when she learned he had cut her completely out of his will, having written that she had “abandoned” him.

Through that immense pain, Paulina has mostly come out strong, with her head held high. But Wednesday marked two years since Ric’s passing, and the anniversary sent the 56-year-old reeling.

On the day, she posted a loving tribute, a happy memory…


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But a few hours later the dam broke. Paulina next posted a video in which she bared her soul and just grieved on camera for a full minute. It is intense to watch. Labeling herself “the crying lady of Instagram,” she put the powerful clip in context, saying:

“This has been a really really hard week for me. (My husbands death day, becoming an empty nester and finding out I’m not as loveable as I thought I was). So I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Between grief, heartbreak, and the utter sense of being alone for the first time since I was fifteen or so, I’m overwhelmed. And this is what that looks like.”

Wow. Explaining how she got such a video without any fakery, she detailed:

“All of you who wonder why and how the hell I manage to do a video of myself when I’m so hurt- it’s a good question. The action of setting a camera and turning it on breaks the moment of the emotional wave, so one has to wait for it to come back. The morning I shot this, I was so raw I spent the whole day crying, so setting a camera wasn’t an issue. I couldn’t have NOT cried.”

As for having the courage to ugly cry on camera for real, she clarified it was important to show the side she never shows — something no one ever shows on social media really:

“Publishing this however – now, this is an act of stupidity or courage. As all my loved ones can attest, I was the woman who never cried. Never. Only secretly, in shadows. Showing myself this vulnerable is probably like you showing US a naked unflattering photo of yourself. This is me at my most vulnerable. My most naked.”

It is through this crucible that she believes she’ll be reborn yet again, even stronger:

“I’ve hit the bottom of who I am, and my tears are fire. And I already know the fire is destroying the old me for ever. And a new me is ready to emerge.”

Then, poking fun at her own dramatic expression, she laughs:

“Next week, expect to see me with three baby dragons.


What a deep and poignant post. This really is the most naked we’ve seen her, and maybe anyone else on IG.

See the full video for yourself (below):

A post shared by Paulina Porizkova (@paulinaporizkov)

What do YOU think of Paulina’s post??

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