Ed Sheeran Lookalike ‘mobbed by fans’ at concert

Ed Sheeran’s new waxwork in Germany looks almost nothing like the real singer.

The statue was created by Lisa Büscher and debuted at the Panoptikum Museum in Hamburg on Thursday.

Although the new statue shows off Büscher’s incredible handiwork, Sheeran’s fans are divided over his off-putting likeness.

@mattryanx tweeted an image and said: “There’s a new Ed Sheeran wax figure in Germany and well……”

And @ThisIsMax wrote: “Why is that waxwork of #EdSheeran freaking me out.

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“Who makes these? Please stop.” They then added: “Reminds me of Boris [Johnson].”

To which @lisamwake replied: “Ohhh noooo.

“I was literally in front of the man last month and this wax figure looks nothing like him!”

@analuizaperosa added: “Because it looks like a pixelated 3D picture of him.”

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And @greatwave5 said: “It is b****y awful and does not look like Ed at all. These wax figures are so totally unnecessary.”

The statue is a convincing likeness at first glance as it features several staples that make up Sheeran’s signature look.

It’s dressed in a simple black shirt with long, white sleeves underneath and sports the singer’s shaggy red hair and stubble.

He’s also holding a Little Martin acoustic guitar and has accurately recreated Sheeran’s tattoos.

However, get closer to the statue’s face and it’s clear to see why his fans might be creeped out by its faded expression.

This is Büscher’s first sculpture created with wax, and she admitted using the material was “challenging” when she spoke to press at the unveiling.

She also said recreating his tattoos was an “intricate and time-consuming feature of the project.”

Sheeran’s wax likeness will be placed in the Hamburg museum’s British triangle, which also includes statues of Adele and Queen Elizabeth II.

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