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Things have gotten almost immediately contentious in the wake of Lisa Marie Presley‘s death. Turns out there’s apparent beef between Lisa’s mom and her oldest daughter.

Priscilla Presley has filed legal docs, asking a judge to set aside an amendment to Lisa’s 2010 trust, and money is on the line. Priscilla was named trustee, along with Lisa’s former business manager, Barry Siegel, to run things.

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Priscilla says she discovered what appears to be an amendment to the trust, eliminating both her and Siegel as trustees and appointing Riley and Benjamin Keough as trustees.

Priscilla Presley, Austin Butler and Lisa Marie Presley

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Priscilla is questioning the validity and authenticity of the amendment, claiming it was never delivered to Priscilla, the date on the document is suspicious, the document misspells Priscilla’s name, and Lisa Marie’s signature “appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature.”

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As you know, Benjamin committed suicide in 2020, and Lisa broke ties with Siegel after claiming he gutted her assets. Since Benjamin has passed, the amendment would leave Riley as the sole trustee.

Priscilla wants the amendment declared invalid. This squarely puts Priscilla at odds with her granddaughter.

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