Rascal FlattsGary LeVox has tried to clarify his stand about about a controversial statement he made regarding the Nashville bombing on Christmas Day.

The musician shared a picture of the blast site on Twitter on Monday, pointing fingers to a conspiracy theory that it was actually a missile attack targeting AT&T’s auditing of voting machines.

“HMMMMM???? It will b interesting to see what cover up happens with this crap! Let’s see what they come up with. What are your thoughts?” he captioned the pic.

During the “Big Rick in the Morning” radio show on Wednesday, LeVox was asked about his post that was later deleted.

LeVox replied that he is “the last political conspiracy theorist person on the planet” and added that he actually wanted to know what the public was thinking about the different version to the blast.

“I just wanted to hear what everybody else thought. I ‘ll tell you what Big Rick, I’ve never seen so much hate,” the lead vocalist of the contemporary country pop trio told the talk show host Rick Daniels.

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