Sonja Morgan always knows how to keep things light and fun when s**t is about to hit the fan! The ‘RHONY’ star gave her friends a show by flashing them ahead of the disastrous boat trip!

Sonja Morgan, 54, isn’t afraid to show off! The Real Housewives of New York funny girl flashed her castmates on last night’s dramatic episode, and brought a little light to the ep ahead of the horrific boat trip. After they arrived to a private island by boat, the ladies were finally relaxed and Sonja lifted up her white string bikini to show her girls to her girls! Bethenny Frankel informed Sonja the price tag was still on her suit — LOL. However Sonja explained she kept the tag on in case she wanted to sell it later at a consignment store. She’s always thinking ahead!

Things quickly went south for Sonja and the housewives, as the waters became choppy following their relaxing time on the private island and they were thrown around their small boat as they sailed away from the island and back to mainland. “Why would you bring us on this boat?” Sonja screamed at trip organizer Tinsley Mortimer, as she held on to a frantic Ramona Singer. “‘It’s normal. You bounce!” Tinsley replied, as Sonja snapped back, “It is not normal. No, it is not!” Then, Sonja announced she peed her swimsuit… so we guess that’s not going to the consignment store.

Things did take a turn for the worse as Carole Radizwill‘s stomach couldn’t handle the intense waters and she started to get sick as Bethenny held her hair back. Dorinda Medley shouted that the boat was beginning to fill with water and she could smell smoke, and Bethenny frantically searched for life vests as she said she saw a “15-foot wave” headed their way. In the midst of the chaos of the episode, the screen went black with the message, “Due to the rough waters, all production crew had to stop filming for the safety of everyone aboard.” Filming picked up 17 hours later as the women rehashed the events of the day and recovered from what Bethenny called “the boat from hell.”

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