Rich The Kid has fans worried after a string of online posts, where he blasts his label, telling 300 Entertainment he wants out! Then, the biggest scare came when he seemingly hinted at his own death with this frightening message…

Rich The Kid, 26, has fans concerned about his well being after a string of online posts allude to the end of his music career, and even worse, his own life. Fans discovered the rapper’s Instagram account had been wiped clean on July 31, with only one new post remaining. — A message, believed to be drafted by him, which said, “R.i.P. Rich the Kid 1992-2018.” The caption frightened fans even more as it seemed like a goodbye, reading, “Thank u all my fans and family for everything”.

Just three days before his cryptic post, a video made by the rapper, where he blasted his label, 300 Entertainment, went viral. “Yo, f–k 300 ENT, ya’ll suck,” he began, before going off on a tangent about wanting out of his deal with the label. “Listen, you gotta let me out of this contract. I don’t want to be with ya’ll no f–king more. I told ya’ll … giving this money back. I don’t want to be with ya’ll label no more. Ya’ll suck, ya’ll is trash. Listen, young, independent artists, do not sign with 300 ENT. They’re the worst, worst label, ever… Lame a– sh-t.” The video cut off in the middle of his rant, but you get the gist.

Rich The Kid’s mysterious messages came after he was hospitalized in mid June after being reportedly attacked and robbed at gunpoint during a home invasion at his girlfriend, Tori Brixx‘s residence. Brixx was reportedly hospitalized with minor injuries. A photo of the rapper in a hospital bed later surfaced on Instagram. The LAPD was handling the investigation.

The news also came after Rich The Kid teamed up with Adidas for an exclusive AM4 sneaker.

Rich The Kid has not been active on Twitter since July 29, and he has yet to release a statement involving his record label or cryptic posts.

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