Salim Khan’s throwback interview on what the family went through during Salman Khan’s imprisonment has gone viral

Salman Khan’s life has been a roller-coaster one. He has seen the heights of success as well as some truly dark days. One old interview of the actor’s dad Salim Khan has gone viral. He was in an coversation with radio host and lyricist Neelesh Mishra. In the interview, he has recounted how the family felt when Salman Khan was imprisoned. He told the host that there is no provision in the law for parents of those accused. He said that no law addresses how hurt they did be when their child is punished. Salim Khan said that the family felt guilty even while drinking water and using the AC as they thought about the conditions in jail. It seems he had told his father that there was just a rug for bed and no fan. They had kept a bucket besides him.

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