Sara Cox compares Brexit to leaving a party early

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Sara is one the UK’s most in-demand presenters, having held a string of shows with the BBC. She currently hosts the Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2, and has also presented programmes such as The Great Pottery Throw Down, Too Much TV, and Back in Time For… This morning, she appears as a special guest on Matt Tebbutts’ Saturday Kitchen alongside chefs Niklas Ekstedt and Emily Scott.

Sara will likely talk about her first novel set to be published next year, ‘Thrown: The Laugh-out-loud Debut of Friendship Heartbreak and Pottery for Beginners’.

The book explores the lives of a series of characters who live on the Inventor’s Housing Estate: single mum who prides herself on her independence, a woman with a loving husband and gorgeous kids who “ought to feel more grateful”, a hard worker whose life “won’t give her the one thing she really wants”, and a woman whose nest is empty and husband “seems distracted”.

Not one to stick to a clear and safe career path, Sara has often strayed away from her presenting slot and spoke on subjects as intense and contested as UK politics.

This was true when she appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show in 2019.

While a General Election had not yet been called, murmurs of a vote to break the Brexit deadlock were beginning to come through.

At the time, Jeremy Corbyn was still leader of the Labour Party, and Theresa May was Prime Minister.

The country was in the throes of negotiating a Brexit deal, with many Remainers still holding on to the possibility of a second referendum, dubbed a People’s Vote.

Sara said that, while the prospect of “giving it back to the people fills me with joy”, she could not see it going ahead, and she was, of course, correct.

She went on to blast Mr Corbyn’s indecisive stance on a People’s Vote and Brexit in general.

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At the same time, she appeared to rubbish the UK’s chances of coming out the other side of Brexit unscathed.

She said: “The way that Cameron called a referendum in the first place for self-serving reasons, now Corbyn’s doing this for self-serving reasons.

“He’s suddenly jumping in, just to try and keep his own MPs on side.

“It’s too little too late from Corbyn, he should have been out there in 2016 and saying exactly what he felt instead of just hiding in the wings trying to think about how he could further his own career.

“He’s a waste of space.”


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She continued on the People’s Vote and Brexit: “I’ve got to admit, I got quite a tickle of excitement that maybe there’s a way out of this.

“Because at the moment I feel like my really uncool parents are turning up at a party to drag me away and to put me in a car, because that’s the time they said that we had to leave, even though the car has got three wheels and two of them are flat and we’re going to plummet off a cliff edge.

“But still, they’re determined to leave.”

Many so-called “teething” problems have emerged in the months following the UK’s departure from the EU.

Small and medium-sized businesses have been hit hard with new costly customs and administrative tasks.

The UK has also found itself locking horns with France over fishing, the latter accusing the former of not issuing enough licences to French fishing boats.

And the most recent flare-up of ill relations between Britain and the bloc comes amid a fresh migrant crisis.

On Friday, France disinvited Home Secretary Priti Patel from today’s meeting of European interior ministers and the European Commission in a bid to solve the influx of migrants spreading through Europe and attempting to cross the English Channel.

Saturday Kitchen airs at 10am on BBC One.

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