SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Football legend Alex Ferguson kicks off over next door neigbour’s building plans

Sir Alex Ferguson was famous for his ‘hairdryer ’ rants at Manchester United players to cajole them to do his bidding. 

Now he is using all his persuasive charm on his Cheshire neighbours in his battle to stop a development being built next to his £2.3million home. 

Planners at the local council had given the proposed development in Wilmslow the red card and ruled it as inappropriate after the former manager objected ‘in the strongest terms’ because it was too big and poorly designed. 

Despite being out of football management since 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment continues. This time he’s trained it on plans to build a mansion next to his £2.3million home

Sir Alex Ferguson is battling to stop a three-storey mansion being built next door to his Cheshire home (artist’s impression above). The football legend has objected “in the strongest terms” to plans for the new property which he claims is too big and poorly designed.

But now the couple next door, Peter and Josephine Wilson have returned to the fray and lodged amended plans to demolish the existing two-storey pad and build a bigger one with a basement and pool terrace. 

Cue another forceful interjection from Ferguson, 78, who has fired off a two-page letter of objection via his representatives. 

The letter, written on behalf of Sir Alex, says: ‘The visual mass and bulk of the proposed building would not respect that of the surrounding neighbourhood. 

‘It is acknowledged that the redesigned scheme now varies in height, which goes some way to reducing the building’s prominence in the street scene, although we do not consider this to be sufficient as the central section of the building is the same height as in the last application. 

Alex Ferguson’s neighbour’s house in Cheshire, where there are plans to build a new mansion  

Fergie has written a letter to voice his opposition to the mansion, raising concerns that the new build would ‘would not respect the surrounding neighbourhood’, pictured above

‘We express concern that the reason for refusal has yet to be adequately addressed by the applicant by virtue of its scale, the scheme is still contrary to policies. 

‘We also express caution that an insufficient level of detail has been provided, even at an outline stage, to be able to fully assess the impacts of the proposal and we therefore consider that the application should be refused accordingly.’

Fergie also criticised the plans over loss of trees along the boundary of his home, which he shares with wife Cathy, loss of privacy and fears of flooding. Cheshire East Council is expected to make a decision next month.

You’re Beautiful crooner James Blunt has accurately gauged the nation’s mood. ‘During lockdown, while many other artists are doing mini-concerts from their homes, I thought I’d do you all a favour and not,’ the singer says. Bravo.  

Donna goes solo in the city without daughter

Donna Air sent her daughter, Freya, off to Kent to spend the pandemic with her father, conservationist, Damian Aspell

The Split star Donna Air is making sure she still has a spring in her step after being separated from her 16-yearold daughter, Freya. 

The 40-year-old posted a video online of herself jumping around near the Royal Albert Hall in London, writing: ‘When you can go exercise alone once a day.’ 

It comes just days after the actress, who is single since breaking up with property developer Benjamin Carrington, revealed she has, with ‘a heavy heart’, sent Freya off to live with her father, conservationist Damian Aspinall, at his animal park in Kent to stay safe during the pandemic. 

Booming-toned actor and adventurer Brian Blessed keeps up a daunting fitness regime at the age of 83. 

‘I feel not much different than I did when I was 20,’ says the Flash Gordon star. ‘I do two hours of weights and cycling each day.’ 

A keen mountaineer, he has made three attempts on Mount Everest without using oxygen and came close to reaching the summit. 

He explains: ‘I train, not because of vanity, but because of the expeditions I still want to do, such as climbing the five great mountains of Russia.’ 

Livia is all dressed up with nowhere to go

Livia Firth, who split from actor Colin Firth last year after 22 years of marriage, sported a blue floral dress as she poured a glass of red wine in the clip online

Socialising with loved ones via video calls when you’re self-isolating at home is no excuse to forgo fancy party attire. 

Film star Colin Firth’s estranged wife, eco-fashion campaigner Livia, proved she was more than happy to get dressed up when she caught up with friends this week via the popular social networking app, Houseparty. 

The mother-of-two, who split from Firth last year after 22 years of marriage, sported a blue floral dress and matching Lady Jane Bristol crown as she poured herself a glass of red wine. 

Sharing a picture online, she wrote: ‘When you House­party your friends at aperitif time.’ 

Britt Ekland has confirmed that her ex, Sir Rod Stewart, did wear her knickers during concerts when they were together. 

‘I am often asked if it is true that he used to wear my underwear on stage and it is true,’ she says. 

‘He found them more comfortable for the work he had to do when he was in a big arena giving a concert. That was the only time and place he wore them, I might add.’ 

And I’m sure he wore them well…

Why a life in the fast lane suits Ginger Spice

Red Bull racing boss Christian Horner, who wed Geri Halliwell in 2015, reveals why he’s glad he married a former Spice Girl. 

‘The great thing about Geri is that because of the industry she grew up in, and the touring and the demands and so on, she gets it. 

‘She knows that travel’s tough and sometimes lonely and what the demands of my job are. 

‘She’s tremendously supportive in that respect. She never demands more time than I can give and she’s incredibly understanding. I think, like in any marriage, there has to be a balance and just somebody to bounce stuff off.’ 

The 46-year-old, who has a son, Monty, with Geri, and a daughter, Olivia, from a previous relationship, adds he doesn’t need her to be patient with him after a difficult day. 

‘If anything, she’s more Latin in temperament than I am so she gets more emotional about stuff than I do. ‘But once the race is done, it’s done, and you quickly focus on the next thing.’  

Historian Lady Antonia Fraser, widow of Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter, has written a spirited poem to mark our current tribulations. 

It is called ‘Self-isolation – To Myself’ and will appear in the next edition of The Oldie.

 ‘So we’re stuck together, You and I. Let’s make the best of it; Then I’ll die. Come to think of it, So will you. We don’t need lawyers To say, “Me too.” 

How would you feel If we parted now? OK, OK… Just tell me how!’ 

Jagger’s ex slums it in £11.5m pad

Luciana Gimenez is struggling to sell the £11.5million apartment she lived in with media executive Marcelo de Carvalho in Sao Paolo during their 12-year marriage

Sir Mick Jagger’s former lover, Brazilian TV host Luciana Gimenez, has opened up about her distress at still having to live in the home she shared with her ex-husband, media executive Marcelo de ­Carvalho, from whom she split two years ago. 

The 50-year-old, who is mother to Mick’s 20-year-old son, Lucas, is struggling to sell the £11.5million triplex apartment she lived in with the magnate in Sao Paolo during their 12-year marriage. 

‘Unfortunately I haven’t sold it,’ she says. ‘Believe me, I want to tell you that I have, but I’m still in the same apartment.’ 

How trying! 

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