Soulja Boy took to Twitter on July 29 to send an amusing reply to former mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani after the politician posted a confusing tweet in the early hours of the morning. See the funny message here!

Soulja Boy, 28, didn’t hold back on July 29 when he replied to an odd but interesting tweet from former mayor of New York City and attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, 74, and it was truly epic in the land of internet trolling! After Rudy posted a tweet that simply read, “You” in the early hours of the morning, instead of asking what it meant, Soulja took it upon himself to come up with his own conclusion. “Crank That Soulja Boy,” the rapper’s hilarious response read, referring to his song of the same name. The lyrics have been known to indicate some kind of sexual act either with a partner or through self pleasure so it seems like Soulja was implying the American politician was up late/early and having some fun so he decided to give him some encouragement!

Although we’re not exactly sure whether Rudy’s tweet was intentionally or unintentionally unfinished, it sure did make headlines full of speculation on whether or not he knew what he was doing. He did go ahead and tweet just 20 minutes after the confusing first tweet and talked about some upcoming appearances he was making on both FOX and CBS so perhaps it was just a mere mistake? We guess we’ll never really know until Rudy speaks out about it himself!

Rudy’s tweet wasn’t the only time Soulja decided to use Twitter as a platform for controversy. Back in Mar. 2017, he used the social media website to slam his family, including his mom for allegedly spending $100, 000 that he gave her in just a week and his brother for writing a diss track about him. It seems the musician isn’t afraid to speak his mind no matter who he’s talking about!

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Rudy’s confusing tweet garnered the attention of internet trolls everywhere so it’s not surprising Soulja decided to chime in too!

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