The John Rambo star explains the older he gets, the more he tries to embrace his inner child as he insists he doesn’t ‘run out of gas’ despite multiple injuries he accumulated over the years.

AceShowbizSylvester Stallone calls himself “very immature.” The 76-year-old actor claims that he’s tried to “embrace [his] inner kid” over recent years – even though he continues to struggle with various injuries.

“I feel very immature,” Sylvester replied when asked if he feels his age. “I’ve always been averse to the quote ‘act your age.’ Or ‘age gracefully.’ How do you age gracefully? There’s nothing graceful about you. The older I get the more I try to embrace my inner kid.”

“The only way I really feel my age is because I’ve had so many injuries. I’ve had five back operations, three neck fusions, both shoulders done, knees, ankles, fist – you name it. It’s been more than 25 times that I’ve been put out. So that I feel. But after I warm up, I feel really good. I don’t run out of gas.”

Despite this, Sylvester believes he’s changed “a tremendous amount” over the last decade. The Hollywood star – who is, perhaps, best-known for playing soldier John Rambo and boxer Rocky Balboa – told The Hollywood Reporter, “In the beginning of my career, I was celebrating the fact that I had made it to the point of obnoxiousness. ‘See, I told you!’ “

“That kind of thing. When I look back on my quotes, I think, ‘God, a little humility would’ve been nice.’ I was just with Ralph Lauren and we were talking about our success, which we call ‘luck.’ People ask, ‘What’s the formula?’ And he goes, ‘There is none, is there?’ I go, ‘No, you just keep doing what you do naturally and sometimes you arrive at a place you never expected to be.’ “

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