Jenelle Evans claims she’s being courted by Netflix and if MTV doesn’t rehire her husband David for next season, she’ll leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ forever. Get all the details, here!

Could Jenelle Evans be leaving Teen Mom 2? She may be — let us explain. During the July 30 season finale of the MTV series, Jenelle went to a hotel in Wilmington to film a special for the show, even though David has not been allowed to film since his firing. In case you’re unaware, David was fired halfway through this current season after he posted a homophobic message on Twitter. Jenelle has been filming without him, but not without complaining about it. And things hit a boiling point this week, while during her visit to the hotel, she told her producer Kristen, “The shoot went well, but I’m still annoyed I had to come here by myself.”

When Kristen asked Jenelle if she feels awkward filming without David, the reality star said, “Yeah, David will film the next season or I’m not doing [the show], and I will go do my own f***ing thing, and I will get out of my contract. Best believe, mark my f***ing words. I’m not doing it [without him]. That’s my husband. He’s going to be there forever. What do they think, I’m just going to break up with David so I can do the rest of the show? No. F*** them. I’ll go do my own thing. I have people offering me stuff from Netflix and Amazon right f***ing now. If people think that I’m going to travel without my security blanket there, then they’re f***ing crazy. I’m not even comfortable being here in Wilmington without David, I’m really not.”

That’s a pretty hefty threat, right? Well, a report that surfaced in late May claimed that MTV was considering firing Jenelle, so she may not even have a job to quit anyway. At the time, we learned that Jenelle had bailed on the Season 9 reunion — instead, she was interviewed separately. That must be what we saw transpire during the July 30 episode.

Mind you, this all happened after Jenelle was filmed pulling a gun on someone during a road rage incident — while her 8-year-old son, Jace, was sitting in the passenger’s side front seat. If MTV knew what was good for them, they’d let Jenelle go. Then, she could even entertain those “Netflix and Amazon offers”.

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