“I definitely don’t want any woman canceled!” Jamil tweeted. “I’m hardly perfect! We can all just wake up one day and decide to be more responsible and do better for women!”

"The Good Place" star Jameela Jamil has clarified her recent comments on celebrity endorsed detox teas.

Jamil has, over the last few days, criticized what she believes is an irresponsible trend among many reality stars and musicians who promote diet products that have little medical backing. However, the actress now says — in a tweet posted Tuesday — she never intended to personally attack anyone after her fans began "cancelling" people she had initially targeted.

Here’s how it all went down.

The actress, who never shies away from speaking her mind, has been an open critic of detox teas — a diet trend that’s been popular with social media influencers and famous celebrities, including Cardi B, Iggy Azalea and Khloe Kardashian. These beverages claim to help you lose weight, suppress appetite and even act as a meal replacement. Supposed side effects aside — we won’t get into the dirty details — many stars collaborate with these tea brands and offer discount codes which they profit from.

Jamil not only took issue with this part of "dietox culture" but slammed the celebrities who promote "non FDA approved dog shit."

It all escalated earlier this week when the British television presenter called out Cardi B for joining in on the "laxative nonsense" and joked that she hoped all of the celebrities who participate in the tea detoxes would "shit their pants in public." Jamil also claimed these stars don’t even use the products they are advertising.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper hit back and said that she would "never shit her pants" because there are "public bathrooms anywhere" and well, "bushes."

"[Cardi] will never shit her pants," Jamil replied. "Not because of bushes, but because she probably doesn’t ever take the products she promotes… during her promotional video she keeps looking at the name of the product on the cup… almost as if she’s never seen it…"

Jamil then continued her Twitter rant by urging her followers against drinking these teas and offered healthier alternatives.

"Generally just don’t ever take diet advice from women who know nothing about nutrition/basic advertising ethics," she wrote. "IF you want to get healthier, talk to a trainer/doctor."

A general practitioner even weighed in on the negative side effects of the diet teas, listing "tachycardia," "restlessness," and "decompensation of thyroid pathology" as possible side effects.

Jamil went on to slam "double agent" Iggy for promoting the products and journalist Perez Hilton, who said if offered a collaboration with one of the tea brands, he would happily agree.

The actress then explained that she’s experienced first hand the impact these "detoxes" have on the body.

"I was the teenager who starved herself for years, who spent all her money on these miracle cures and laxatives and tips from celebrities on how to maintain a weight that was lower than what my body wanted it to be," she tweeted. "I was sick, I have had digestion and metabolism problems for life. I am not going to stop coming after all the people, men and women, who perpetuate this gross culture of forcing women to remain small and doll-like in order to be accepted by society. F–king TRY ME."

However, Jamil was forced to step in when fans began to "cancel" these celebrities and women who utilize the diet products.

"Woah! I appreciate you’re being supportive but I definitely don’t want to cancel anyone!," she tweeted. "I just want them to cancel dietox product culture! Then we can all get on and have a great time! I love a successful powerful woman. I just want them to put good positive messaging out!"

"All you have to do is read, listen, learn and grow," she added. "Have empathy for those who are younger and more vulnerable, accept that with the privelege of money and platform DOES come responsibility, and that our words and action carry weight, so we best make sure we are being good."

Jamil concluded, "I definitely don’t want any woman canceled! I’m hardly perfect! We can all just wake up one day and decide to be more responsible and do better for women! I used to be really ignorant and misguided in my feminism, pretty slut shamey and backwards… we can ALL Change + do more.❤️

Check out all of Jamil’s tweets on the subject below.

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