Jake Paul is the next man on my hit list.”

That’s Tommy Fury making it crystal clear during a recent conversation with TMZ Sports … he wants to box fellow undefeated fighter and bitter rival, 25-year-old Jake Paul.

Of course, we’ve been here before. The men were twice scheduled to fight … but the bouts fell apart. But, just last weekend in Dubai, Tommy and Jake nearly came to blows after Fury boxed an exhibition match on a Floyd Mayweather fight card.

This time, Tommy tells us he’s confident the two will make it all the way to the ring.

“I definitely feel like this fight will happen this time. I’ve said if this fight doesn’t happen it’ll be through no fault of my own,” Tommy says.

And, Fury says he badly wants the fight.

Jake Paul Agrees To Fight Tommy Fury In February, 'No More Running'

Jake Paul Agrees To Fight Tommy Fury In February, 'No More Running'

“I want this fight more than anything because it’s a chance for me to put everything that I’ve been hearing for the past two years to bed. And it needs to be put to bed because at the end of the day this man is not in my class, he’s not in my league, and he’s a YouTube fighter, that’s what this man is. I’m a proper fighter. I’m from a fighting family. I have aspirations of winning world titles,” Tommy tells us.

Fury’s 8-0 with 4 KOs. Paul is 6-0 with 5 KOs. Jake’s fought some big names in MMA, so his opponents are more recognizable. He’s beaten future UFC Hall of Famers Tyron Woodley (twice) and Anderson Silva.

jake paul

As for where the fight could take place, Tommy’s thinking big. BIG.

“I feel like this is a Wembley [Arena] fight. I feel like it could do 80,000 very comfortably. If you ask anybody walking down the street on Saturday night do you wanna go watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury at Wembley, everybody’s gonna say yes. I believe it’s a massive pay-per-view fight.”

FYI, Wembley is a huge stadium in London with a capacity around 90K for boxing matches.

tommy fury

If/when the fight happens … Fury would advise you not to arrive late, because he’s planning for a short night’s work.

“This fight does not go the distance. There’s no chance in hell cause I won’t let it go to the distance. I am not gonna get in the ring and look to outpoint Jake Paul. I’m gonna be in that ring looking to take his head off with every punch.”

Then came the prediction.

“I can’t see it going past 4 rounds. I can’t.”

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