He’s making headlines with his vicious battle with Joyner Lucas, & has collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the game, but what do you really know about Tory Lanez? Here’s 5 fast facts about the rapper!

Tory Lanez, 26, is really dishing it out to Joyner Lucas, 30. The Toronto native rapper decided to come for Joyner on Nov. 19, in an Instagram live video, and things have only gotten more heated since. One day after his social media rant, Tory released a freestyle which threw some shade at Joyner, and on Nov. 21, his latest song, “Litty Again,” went IN on Joyner again. With scathing lyrics that claimed the musician can’t get social media followers on his own, and that he’s a ‘dweeb,’ this feud is far from over. As the internet grabs some popcorn and waits for the next development in this nasty fight, we’re sharing 5 things to know about Tory right here.

1.Drake put him on the map.

It was thanks to a remix of Drake’s “Controlla” that Tory Lanez skyrocketed to fame. After posting the remix to the internet, the track blew up, and racked up millions of views on SoundCloud. Though the two were rumored to have beef with one another, that was all squashed when both rappers hit the stage together at the 2017 OVO Fest in Toronto. Drake invited Tory Lanez to join him for a rendition of the hit song.

2. His live show is INSANE.

Tory brings the energy to his live show, and is known for his crazy antics which can include climbing the walls, swinging from stage equipment, or an impromptu crowd surf session. “I am the greatest lie [sic] show performer period. no ni**a in urban music can see me live … IDGAF” he once said of his wild stage game.

3. He got his stage name when he was a kid.

His stage name is actually a combination of two childhood nicknames. Thanks to the fact he loved being outdoors as a kid, and was always running around, playing in the streets, he received the nickname “Lanez.” Later, the rapper began to refer to himself as “Notorious,” after Biggie Smalls, which was eventually shortened to “Tory.”

4. Music helped him through his mother’s death.

“At the time I was being very bad because I didn’t know how to express myself” he told the Guardian. “Music gave me an outlet to express myself and channel that anger,” he said, of the situation.

5. He’s sick of people referring to Toronto as ‘the 6.’

Get the lingo straight. It might have once been cool to call the Canadian city by it’s well-known nickname, but Tory made his opinions clear about the cliche in a now-deleted Tweet. Don’t go calling Toronto ‘the 6’ around him!

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