What happens on the court…doesn’t stay on the court. Tristan Thompson allegedly punched Draymond Green in a L.A. nightclub, and it took LeBron James and Kevin Durant to pull them apart!

As if Khloe Kardashian, 34, didn’t already have a reason to be side-eying her man. Tristan Thompson, 27, allegedly threw down with his NBA Finals rival Draymond Green, 28, during a private party following the 2018 ESPY Awards on July 18, multiple sources have told Bossip. The alleged incident took place at the LA nightclub, Delilah, and supposedly started when Draymond went up to apologize to Tristan for what happened during the NBA Finals. Tristan “said ‘nah man,’ “ according to Fox Sports reporter Jason McIntrye, but the Golden State Warriors star didn’t give up.

Draymond tried again, trying to get Tristan to bury the hatchet between them. Instead, Tristan (allegedly) tried to bury his fist in Draymond’s face. “Tristan leveled him with a punch. Draymond didn’t go down,” according to Jason, offering a confusing interpretation of what “leveled with a punch” means. Supposedly, LeBron James, 33, and Kevin Durant, 29, quickly stepped in to stop this fight from getting out of hand, and LeBron “had enough” and left the party shortly thereafter.

Though, the Fox Sports reporter wanted to make it clear: Draymond was not the aggressor. He was trying to make peace. Tristan felt embarrassed by the end of the Finals diss moment and just unloaded. Couple players I spoke here in LA/on social media went with, ‘about time.’ “ Neither player was seriously injured, but the alleged fight caused quite a stir among those there at the invite-only bash. No kidding! HollywoodLife.com has reached out for any confirmation on this alleged altercation, and we’ll update this when we get any further information.

So, what was the incident that had Draymond begging for forgiveness? While Jason says Draymond was apologizing for what went down in Game 4, Bleacher Report pointed out that when Tristan was ejected during Game 1, he and Draymond “exchanged words” before Tristan shoved the ball in Draymond’s face. After the game, Draymond said he wouldn’t resolve the unfinished business outside the arena, since it would possibly get him suspended (again!) and hand the series to the Cavaliers. Instead, Draymond said he “can meet [Tristan] in the streets any day.” It seems that after winning the NBA Championship, Draymond lost the will to fight. Tristan, on the other hand, seems like he wasn’t ready to let go of the grudge.

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