Albert Michael Strobel

Al Strobel — an actor famous for his work in the ‘Twin Peaks’ franchise — has died.

The news came down Sunday courtesy of producer Sabrina Sutherland, who’s worked with David Lynch on a lot of projects over the years. She took to Facebook to write, “I am sad to have to post that Al Strobel passed away last night. I loved him dearly.”

No cause of death was provided, nor were any other details offered.

Strobel is best known for playing the one-armed man during pretty much every ‘Twin Peaks’ installment — including the original TV show from the early ’90s, the spinoff movie thereafter and the reboot from 2017 … for all of which he always reprised his role as Phillip Gerard.

Gerard was a traveling shoe salesman who’d occasionally get possessed by a spirit known as Mike — who used to work with another shady character (also dead) named Bob … the entity that inhabited Leland Palmer, who ultimately killed Laura Palmer — the central character.

His character comes in and out of the plot a lot throughout the full ‘TW’ saga … and was oftentimes featured in bizarre dream sequences that Kyle MacLachlan‘s character, Agent Cooper, would find himself in … all in an effort to unspool the big murder mystery.

Through it all … Strobel always nailed it in his performances, which were kinda campy — but so good too. He was an amputee in real life … having his lost his arm in a car accident.

In addition to his ‘Twin Peaks’ role, Strobel also acted in films like ‘Megaville,’ ‘Sitting Target,’ ‘Child of Darkness, Child of Light,’ ‘Ricochet River’ and more.

Strobel was 83. RIP

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