The Loose Women ladies aren’t holding back when it comes to flaunting their natural bodies this summer, with former panellist Saira Khan urging followers to “own their real”.

The star, 53, stripped down to a bikini to share a before and after post, describing her “menopause bloat” and how a healthy diet is helping her feel her best.

Saira went on to explain that she wants to inspire women to “own their real”, and gushed about "embracing" her "marks, scars, wrinkles and ageing" while plugging her beauty brand, Saira Skin.

She wrote, "We embrace marks, scars, wrinkles and aging – these things do not define who we are as women – so we need to look past them and focus on looking after ourselves positively, regularly and making the time to do it.”

Saira added, “Women: unstoppable forces of strength, beauty, and resilience. That’s how I define women because that’s what we are.”

Saira isn’t the only Loose Women star to proudly show off her body this summer.

Nadia Sawalha, 58, regularly shares hilarious videos of herself parodying scantily clad influencer posts online.

While on holiday in July, she mimicked athlete and fitness model Vanessa Munley by sporting a tiny thong bikini and running seductively through the water.

In one shot, she removes her sarong to reveal two HRT patches – one placed on each bum cheek.

While Nadia appears to ooze confidence in her videos, she has admitted that it’s a constant work in progress.

She confessed: “Every single day I have to work on it. People say to me: 'I wish I had your confidence', and I always answer them: 'I haven't got my confidence!' Sometimes I have to really fake it to make it. I just say: 'Today I feel amazing' and I don't.”

In March, Loose Women launched the return of its 'Body Stories: Celebrating Every Body' campaign to mark International Women's Day.

That same month, Carol McGiffin celebrated her 63rd birthday in Thailand and showed off her toned figure and washboard abs in a sporty bikini.

She previously opened up on body confidence and living with one breast after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Carol said: "I think it's good to hear other people's if you like, or you know, what they've been through, how they survived. And it's quite good to know that my body is still going.”

She added: "And it's not too bad, even at this age and only one boob. You know it's not ideal, but it's alright because I'm here, I'm alive and telling my story."

Meanwhile, Denise Welch isn’t afraid to celebrate her “lumps, bumps, saggy boobs and cellulite” and last week, posed up a storm in a colourful eye catching one-piece whilst on holiday in Malta.

Having lost two stone, the star previously said “I no longer let food and crooked thinking control me”.

In a post last year, she added, "I celebrate my curves, my lumps, bumps, saggy boobs and cellulite because my 64 yr old body has served me well despite the reverse not always being true."

And in December, fans praised Kaye Adams after she stripped down to a stunning red Baywatch swimsuit to mark her 60th birthday.

Kaye previously admitted she lied about her real age.

She explained, “It was one of those things that developed over the years. I was an older mum and at the school gates with younger mum.

“I had to confess to my daughter that mummy was 10 years older than she thought. She was so upset. She looked crestfallen. I kept lying to the rest of the world. My mum was the same. I know it’s bonkers and this year I decided to embrace it”.

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