Dance and music, they say, have no language; they speak from the heart to the heart.

And that is exactly what happened when three different dance forms from two different continents came together to create an exhilarating evening at the grand Royal Opera House in Mumbai.

The Grammy-nominated all-women Spanish quartet, Las Migas, and Kathak and Lavani expert Aditi Bhagwat created magic on stage.

Las Migas, consisting of Dancer and Vocalist Carolina  ‘La Chispa’, Guitarists Marta Robles and Alicia Grillo, Violinist Roser Loscos and Double Bassist Oriol Riart Laborda, performed almost for two hours.

If you missed their incredible performance, here’s a glimpse.

The evening began with Las Migas performing their song, La Cantaora.

You may not understand the lyrics, but those emotions… yes, you definitely will.


Marta Robles sings this joyous ode about a woman who is happy, free and likes to explore.


Then came the magic, as Flamenco and Kathak danced together.


Aditi Bhagwat brought Lavani, the traditional Maharashtrian dance form, onstage; the Las Migas gave her company with their song, Antonio.


Guitarists Marta Robles and Alicia Grillo have a message for young girls.


Unforgettable images from the evening:





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