After putting wife Jada Pinkett Smith on blast for buying “every light Costco had” for the house, the “Aladdin” star takes over shoving Christmas spirit down the family’s throats.

It’s the Christmas season and Will Smith isn’t going to take "Bah, humbug" for an answer.

In his latest Instagram video, the "Aladdin" star praises wife Jada Pinkett Smith for buying "every light Costco had" and filling the family living room with holiday cheer. He then took it upon himself to spread that cheer — by force if necessary — to every member of the family.

"Willow, it’s Christmas. Come on!" he shouted across the house in the cleverly spliced video. She next showed up in a black tank top, telling him, "You’re crazy."

Christmastime Jada is on Full Blast out here!She bought every Christmas light costco had and hung ‘em in the living room ?. Thank u babe, this is beautiful!! @jadapinkettsmith Full vid in bio — ?: @westbrook

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But this wasn’t what he was looking for. After he shouted for her brother Jaden, she showed up again, telling him, "Okay, you need to stop." But this time she looked like Christmas had thrown up all over her wardrobe. His plan was working!

Jaden probably had the most classic young-person response, looking distracted the whole time as he tried to play his Nintendo Switch instead of deal with dad’s nonsense. At one point, he looked exactly the same, head down and looking at his system, but he had a hat on. "I look good in this," he deadpanned.

"I’m not liking your attitude about Christmas," Will told him before turning to both of his youngest children. ""Y’all gonna get into the Christmas spirit, whether you like it or not," he said.

By this point, he’d dressed himself and turned his attention to oldest son, Trey, who’d arrived late. But all of the shouting and yelling was for a good cause, because once he got the whole family decked out into their holiday best, they shared some Christmas cheer with their fans in front of the tree.

Hopefully someone was also taking a picture, or can grab a good screenshot, because the final adorable shot of the whole family together would make a great Christmas card.

We’ve already watched the video a dozen times, on each for the twelve days of Christmas, and we are officially into the holiday spirit. Thanks for forcing your family and ours to get into the season, Will. Now please stop yelling at us!

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