We agree that TV shows have most of the times been the topic of our writing in our section of WTF Wednesday. But with the kind of nonsensical things that are shown on TV shows these days, what is one to do. While the media in general is full of a lot of WTFs on a daily basis, when we stumble upon utterly outrageous plots on the small screen, it just blows our minds away as to how they muster the courage to create such content and who exactly are the people who watch it and follow it. So, one such WTF moment happened with us last weekend when the lead actress of a supernatural TV show ended up in a weird spider-like posture. No, we are not exaggerating one bit.

First, have a look at this clip to believe us:


Now that you believe us, let us put down our thoughts on what went on in our minds while watching the entire episode on the whole. This clip, as you must have figured out, belongs to the second season of Ekta Kapoor’s popular supernatural show Kawach. The first season featured the glamourous star cast of Mona Singh, Mahek Chahal and Vivek Dahiya. That season had some hard-core fear instilled in the minds of the viewers and managed to create the right amount of spook in them. While Kawach 2 too has its fair share of aatmas and burning chitaas and sadhu maharajs, certain parts of the show have already started seeming stretched and too unrealistic. Yes, yes, we know that the show on the whole is fictitious! But even then, if the direction and plot is well done, anything can sell, right?

In the episode last week, a seemingly harmless character named Kapil, played by Vin Rana, was suddenly revealed to be one of the evil spirits wanting to hurt the lead actress Dipika Singh. While she is shown as an extremely naïve and jittery person, she actually is shown believing this aatma and getting married to him, of course, not knowing that she is taking vows with a spirit. Later, the aatma is shown devising a plan to avenge something that is not very clear yet by hurting Dipika. Like really?? An aatma now wants to marry a human? Why? He could have simply possessed Dipika, who seems to step out regularly in the middle of the night, as a hobby, to visit the haunted surroundings of a temple.

To top all this, the preview for the upcoming weekend’s episode that was shown at the end was the cherry on the cake. Dipika, after having married and made love with the evil spirit seems to get possessed. She will, apparently, turn violent and push away everyone with extreme energy. Now while the traits sound normal for a possessed person, the way Dipika is shown on all fours was a little funny and we couldn’t help a giggle escaping us. It distinctly reminded us of the famous spider walk from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

Remember this?

And the way Dipika does it is, sorry to say, but awkward and funny at the same time. I wish the makers had applied a little more logic while directing these scenes and implemented better scripts in some parts. We are again making it clear that we understand that supernatural in itself is a fictitious genre, but making it believable and not funny is the least the makers can do, right?

Anyway, we hope the show takes the plot ahead in a more interesting manner and we don’t end up holding our guts laughing out loud. This was all for this week’s WTF Wednesday. Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more fun features.

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