Former X Factor contestant James Arthur has revealed his ex-girlfriend Jessica Grist was pregnant with his child, but that they sadly lost the baby.

James and Jessica reportedly split earlier this yearafter dating on-and-off for almost a decade.

But, before going their separate ways, James has revealed Jessica fell pregnant, but suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.

Initially James admitted that he didn’t want to speak about the pair’s loss, but he was encouraged to do so by ex, Jessica.

Speaking onThe Andy Jaye Podcast, he explained: “To be honest, when it first came out I sort of billed it as that, but I spoke to my partner, and at the time it was a realistic prospect. She was pregnant.

“Sadly it didn’t work out. It wasn’t far, it was a couple of months and she had an ectopic pregnancy. So she lost the child, and I didn’t really want to talk about it.

“But she actually said ‘I think it’s really important that you do’ – just because there’s so little information, and I would echo that actually.”

While James wanted to celebrate the pregnancy before the tragic news, he went on to explain that he was advised to wait.

James continued: “I remember at the time saying, ‘what, so you’ve got to wait 14 weeks’, or whatever it is, before you can even celebrate this, and I was writing the songs about it – I’m going to be a dad.

“I was thinking about having the hopes and fears anybody would have when being faced with having a child. And sadly it didn’t work out.”

Despite not becoming a father, James was encouraged by his record label to still release the song he wrote while Jessica was pregnant.

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The song appears to address James’ future child, but it’s now come to light that it was about the child the couple were once expecting.

In the track, named Emily, James sings: “I needed life and life came, and gave me Emily. You make me a better man than I’ll ever be, ever be, ever be, because of you, Emily.”

James has since branded the song as “special” to him and Jessica, and explained that his record label encouraged him to still release it.

“The record label were like ‘we think you should release this song’,” James said.

“I guess to say, this is a song to my future child, which I still would call my child Emily. So it made sense to put it out like that.”

He added: “Sadly, I was having a child. I guess it’s a bit weird people hearing it, what, he doesn’t have a kid and he’s talking about that.

“It’s a scary place to be, and as the man, you just want to be there for them, just put your own sadness aside at the time. It’s not about you. It was a sad time, we moved forward, and hopefully there’s blessings to come in the future.”

For help and support with miscarriage and pregnancy loss, visit The Miscarriage Association at

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