In a newly surfaced recording, the rapper can be heard confessing to several crimes leading up to his death, including domestic abuse, & involvement in a Florida stabbing.

The music world was already well aware of the abuse allegations surrounding the late rapper, XXXTentacion, but now, shocking new details surrounding his case have surfaced. A secretly recorded tape has been obtained by Pitchfork, where XXX can be heard talking about his volatile relationship with an ex. In the recording, the rapper makes distinct allusions to the abuse that led him to be charged with counts of aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, and domestic battery by strangulation, among other offenses. “I put my source of happiness in another person, which was a mistake initially, right? But she fell through on every occasion until now. Until I started f–king her up bruh. I started f–king her up because she made one mistake,” he can be heard saying on the tape posted by Pitchfork.

The 27-minute tape was acquired from the Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office, according to Pitchfork. XXX continues to detail his relationship with the former girlfriend in the clip. “And from there, the whole cycle went down. Now she’s scared. That girl is scared for her life. Which I understand,” he says. The rapper also alludes to a stabbing incident he was involved with in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  “I’m on [Miami] New Times for stabbing, how many people they put in the news? They said three, it was eight,” he says to the unnamed listener. “You now what I do to people…I just knew I was going to jail. She know. So she’s scared. She thinks I’m going to kill her.” At one point in the video, XXX also admits to stabbing one of his former managers, the publication said, however, after reaching out to a rep for XXX, HollywoodLife was not immediately able to verify this.

The disturbing clip comes four months after the rapper was shot and killed on June 18, in Miami. The 20-year-old rapper was reportedly shopping for motorcycles when a gunman approached him and shot him in his car as he was leaving. Before his death, XXX had been awaiting trial for his 2016 domestic abuse case. While the rapper maintained that he was innocent at the time, this new clip reportedly served as a confession, according to both the prosecution and XXX’s defense in the case, said Pitchfork. The Miami-Dade county attorney’s office did not respond to HL’s requests that it verify the credibility of the video. After his passing, criminal cases surrounding the rapper were closed. Listen to an excerpt from the tape below. Warning: The clip contains content some readers may find disturbing.

Despite the abuse allegations against XXX, he has still garnered accolades for his music. Earlier this month, on Oct. 9, he took home a 2018 American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album. The rapper has also posthumously released a slew of music, including his latest single “Moonlight,” and a collaboration with Lil Wayne, entitled “Don’t Cry.”

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