Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke will see some interesting twists and turns. In the recent episode, we saw that after Abir tells Mehul about Kunal betraying Kuhu to keep him and Mishti away, Mehul advises him to stay away from the family with Mishti. Abir talks about it to Mishti who disagrees to it and finds it strange how can Mehul say such a thing. Meenakshi reaches the Maheshwari house to fix Mishti and Abir’s wedding when Kunal comes in and tells the family that Meenakshi had forgotten some important papers. He shows everyone the pre-nuptial papers and asks Mishti to sign it as he feels Mishti is marrying Abir for his money and the papers are proof that Mishti won’t get any part in Abir’s property.

Abir is shocked and blames Meenakshi. Abir declares the next day that he and Mishti will stay away from the family and Mehul is happy to hear that. Meenakshi is shattered when Mehul comes to her and tells her that if she wants her Abir then she will have to hand over the whole property to Mehul. Mishti gets suspicious of Mehul as she finds him lying to Abir many times. She tries to find proofs against Mehul and checks Meenakshi’s laptop. Mishti is shocked as she finds out that on every important day of the Rajvanshs, Mehul had been to Rajkot in a plane. She finds it strange how can a heart patient and someone who has no money can afford a plane to travel. Meenakshi strikes a deal with Mehul where he promises her that he will make Mishti convince Abir not to leave the house and she will give him her property. However, Mishti does the opposite and flops Mehul’s plan. She then decides to go to Rajgarh where Mehul used to stay to get some proofs.

In the upcoming episodes, we will that Mishti meets a pandit and find about Mehul and reaches his house. Mehul tries to stop Mishti but she slips away. In all this it will be later revealed that Mishti and Meenakshi had been together and were planning against Mehul. Will this bring Meenakshi and Mishti closer?

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