Younes Bendjima is still upset over his failed relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, according to a report that surfaced on Aug. 24! Get the details, here.

Even though Younes Benjima, 25, once said he’s “not attached to this ‘life,’” he’s reportedly still attached to Kourtney Kardashian, 39! When news broke on Aug. 7 that the two had split, Younes was pictured roughhousing with pals — one of them being hot model Jordan Ozuna — during a Mexico getaway. But apparently, there’s trouble in paradise! “Younes is still bitter about their breakup,” a source claimed to Us Weekly on Aug. 24. “It hasn’t been an easy breakup for him…it doesn’t help that he’s a hot-tempered person.”

No kidding! Security camera footage at West Hollywood’s Delilah restaurant showed Younes giving an employee a beat down in March. Yes, he and Kourtney were dating at the time. The video, obtained by TMZ and published on Aug. 23, showed a more physical side of the model…besides the topless photos we’re used to seeing of him! But despite his supposed inherent short fuse, Kourtney hasn’t made it easy for her ex-boyfriend either. She’s cut him off cold turkey so he can’t even reach out to her if he wants to!

“Kourtney doesn’t want anything to do with Younes anymore, she’s blocked his number and she doesn’t want to talk to him or text with him. She’s totally over it and he doesn’t feature in her future at all,” a source close to Kourtney shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on Aug. 19. And the source adds that Kourtney “is actually feeling great right now.” It must be hard when your ex is filling her Instagram feed with posts of hot bikini shots and fun times with friends and family! Meanwhile, Younes hasn’t been nearly as active on social media. In fact, his second to last picture (as of Aug. 24) is still a couple’s photo of him and Kourtney from their Italy vacay on July 2! However, the two do not currently follow each other on Instagram. As for Kourtney, she’s scrubbed photos of them together on their summer trip from her page. Looks like she’s definitely moved on!

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