Personnel at V.V. Puram police station, who are used to seeing all kinds of people walk in, were in for a surprise on Tuesday. A little boy, looking dapper in a police uniform, arrived in a police vehicle, escorted by a senior officer.

Twelve-year-old Shashank, a resident of Narayanahalli in Chintamani, is a thalassemia and diabetes patient. He was made honorary station in-charge of V.V. Puram for a day to fulfil his wish of being a police officer.

The initiative was taken up by NGO Make-A-Wish Foundation, which co-ordinated with the police to make Shashank’s dream come true.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder involving lower-than-normal amount of an oxygen-carrying protein. Shashank also suffers from diabetes, which is said to be worsening his health condition.

Guard of honour

When the police vehicle stopped in front of the station, Shashank got down along with Inspector T.D. Raju and walked inside to receive a guard of honour by the sentry. Mr. Raju then took Shashank inside and introduced him to the staff, who shook hands with him and introduced themselves and stated their rank.

The staff presented a bouquet to Shashank and gave a salute, which Shashank reciprocated with the same enthusiasm.

Shashank inspected the station, including the prison cell, armoury and the control room. Mr. Raju showed him the weapons and explained how to operate them. Shashank then sat in the inspector’s chair and was briefed about the day-to-day activities of the station in the South division.

Met senior officer

Later, Mr. Raju took Shashank to the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) S.D. Sharanappa, who asked why he wanted to become a police officer. To this Shashank replied that it was his childhood dream to become a police officer and ‘punish drunkards who create nuisance’.

"I wish him speedy recovery and may his dream come true,” Mr. Sharanappa said.

Shashank was gifted a toy walkie-talkie and a toy gun before he was dropped back at Vani Vilas Hospital.

His parents Muniraju and Sujatha, who had accompanied him on this tour, were elated to see him happy and relaxed after a long time.

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